Game Night: September 15, 2011

18 Sep

The first game we played that evening was Railways of England.

Who will become the first Rail Baron of England?
Mid-19th century England… the tramways that first appeared to transport coal have since been upgraded to railways. Numerous different companies using different railway gauges connected to villages, towns and cities across the country. Eventually the small companies were merged into the Big Four.
This new expansion has two sets of rules. The first set of rules follows the gameplay of the Railways of the World series. The second set of rules is a brand new game from Martin Wallace that features a new share system and economic engine that builds upon the Railways of the World engine.

It was a three player game with Thomas, Ted and myself. Thomas won the game, Ted came in second and I game is a very far last.

The second game was Coloretto.

Coloretto is a card game designed by Michael Schacht, originally published in 2003. The game cards depict chameleons, showing that “a player may change his color many times during the game”.[1] Rules are provided in both English and French. The published game is designed for 3-5 players,[2] but rules for a two player version of the game are available at the Rio Grande Games website.

This was a five player game with Thomas, Ted, Brett, Brandi and myself. Brett won this game.

This last game of the evening was Dixit.

One player is the storyteller for the turn. He looks at the 6 images in his hand. From one of these, he makes up a sentence and says it out loud (without showing the card to the other players).

The other players select amongst their 6 images the one that best matches the sentence made up by the storyteller.

Then, each of them gives their selected card to the storyteller, without showing it to the others. The storyteller shuffles his card with all the received cards. All pictures are shown face up, randomly, and every player has to bet upon what picture was the storyteller’s.

If nobody or everybody finds the correct picture, the storyteller scores 0, and each of the other players scores 2. Otherwise the storyteller and whoever found the correct answer scores 3. Players score 1 point for every vote gotten by their own picture.

The game ends when the deck is empty or if someone reaches 30 points,so he wins.Otherwise the greatest total wins the game.

This was a six player game, with Thomas, Ted, Brett, Anna, Brandi and myself. Brett won the game and Brandi came in 2nd.

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