Game Night: August 11, 2011

13 Aug

This Game Night it was Myself, Anna, Marcus, Allison, Brett and Sadie. Since There were six of us and we wanted to play together are choices were limited. So we played Railroad Tycoon.

Revisit the early days of the Age of Steam as you begin with a locomotive (the venerable John Bull, the first locomotive to run in North America) and a vision (your Tycoon “mission” card). From there, build your budding railroad network into a vast empire. Connect New York to Chicago, earn the most money, develop bigger and faster locomotives and maybe even span North America and build the Transcontinental Railway!

This game is preceded by the designer’s other Winsome train games: Age of SteamAustralian RailwaysVeld Railroads,VolldampfPampas RailroadsNew England RailwaysPrairie RailroadsVeld SpoorwegLancashire Railways, and Ferrocarriles PampasRailroad Tycoon was the result of a collaboration with Glenn Drover, in which the mechanics and game-play of Martin Wallace’s Age of Steam were simplified and streamlined and attractive over-produced components were added, in order to makeRailroad Tycoon more appealing to less hardcore gamers and more accessible to a wider audience.

Since it was a six player game it went fairly long. Brett, Sadie, Myself and Marcus typically really enjoy the game. Allison and Anna not so much.

Brett won the game using the Western Link, (this is the first time I have seen this actually work). Sadie was second and Marcus was one point behind her.

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