Review of Captain America:The First Avenger

02 Aug

This is my review of the movie Captain America : The First Avenger.

Captain America is a comic book character which was first created in 1941 by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. Captain America was one of the first patriotic heroes in comics and was followed by many other prior to and during America’s involvement in World War II.

The original Captain America series lasted till 1950 and had a short revival in 1953. The Character was brought back from suspended animation in 1963 by Marvel Comics in the fourth issue of the Avengers and later was given his own series again. That series has been in print ever since.

The original comic told the story of Steve Rogers, a meek man, made into a super soldier by science in order to defeat Hitler and the Axis. Later during the 1960s revival it added an additional layer to the character as also being a man out of his own time.


It is noted that I saw the 2D version of Captain America: The First Avenger.

The film follows the original story very well, even adding layers to the character, giving him dimension and depth. Steve Rogers is a main who desperately wants to fight for his country, in the most heroic fashion. He knows a bully when he sees one, and feels compelled to do something about it. The character feels very genuine, wholesome and brave without being hokey.

Much of the character’s presence has to go to Chris Evans portrayal of Captain America. I did not like Mr. Evans in Fantastic Four so I went into the film having little hope for his performance. And although not stellar, it is very solid and believable. I liked him in the film and that made a big difference in accepting the character.

The film also features Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull, who did a very good job and just oozed evil whenever he was on the screen.

Captain America is of course a summer action movie. I think as far as this goes it succeeds very well. The film moved along nicely with never a dull moment. I enjoyed the action scenes but the story was never sacrificed for this. Also the special effects are very low-key and not heavy-handed, which is very refreshing, and this lets the story carry the film.

Can I recommend this film. Yes, I really enjoyed this one, one of the better comic movies this year, far superior to Green Lantern and Thor.

Also, once again there is a little bonus footage after the credits. All Hail Joss Whedon!!!!


One last thing. Nazis are the best villains: Example, Raiders of the Lost Ark, the villains are Nazis,  good movie. Last Crusade,  the villains are Nazis, good movie. Temple of Doom, no Nazis, sucked. I rest my case 🙂





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