Green Lantern

05 Jul

This is a review of the Green Lantern movie, Starring Ryan Reynolds, written by Greg Berlanti and Michael Green and directed by Martin Campbell. It is noted that I had seen the 2D version of the film.

Green Lantern is based upon the DC Comics character of the same name. The comic character was first introduced in Showcase #22 in 1959, written by Gardner Fox and illustrated by Gil Kane.  It is the story of test Pilot Hal Jordan who receives a magic ring from a dying alien.

Over the years the story and the character has been updated, to stay with the times and refresh the title. However, it has always stayed true to the essential parts of the origin.

The movie also keeps these essential part of the Green Lantern origin.

The Green Lantern movie is of course a summer movie. By this I mean It is an action movie which is designed as part of the summer blockbuster season, and it’s goal is to fill seats and sell popcorn, with this goal in mind it has already succeeded.

I did not like this film.

Although, all the elements of the character were there, the story felt empty and  prolonged and many times I would think to myself “please just get on with it”. The film also included a subplot that was completely unnecessary. The film would have benefited if the editing had been tightened up.

Also , this film is wall to wall CGI to the extreme. In many cases the CGI appears poorly done and many of the scenes do not appear “real” and because of this there is no suspension of disbelief, therefore I could not buy into the premise. Really it is way too much when even the heroes costume is CGI.

One of the biggest faults of the film is casting Ryan Reynolds as the lead. He portrays the character much the same as he portrays most of the characters in his other films, wisecracking, brash and with too much humor. This is a movie about a comic book hero that does not act very heroic. Please don’t think that I do not like Ryan Reynolds, there are other films that I enjoy him in very much, most of those are comedies.

I also hated the design of the film, it was way over the top, from costume design to the design of the power battery, planet OA and the rings themselves. Obviously no one in this film had ever heard the motto “less is more” more like, more is not even close enough.

I have been a fan of the Green Lantern comics for many years and never in my wildest dreams ever thought there would ever be a movie. Now I feel like there will never be a good movie.

The movie industry keeps making films based on comics, because they see dollar signs. However, it is only those rare times when some film directors are fans of the characters that the films succeed and everyone wins. You can’t expect just because the main character wears spandex that your gonna hit it out of the park, …. and certainly Green Lantern is no home run.

Although, Green Lantern is not a terrible film, I cannot recommend it, there have been better films this season, Super 8 being one of them.

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