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Nosferatu, a slient classic thats really creepy!

Silent films are pretty much just a forgotten format nowadays. Really with a generation which won’t even consider watching a black and white film what chance does a film without sound have.

This is a real shame, there are many great films from the silent era which everyone should enjoy, one being Nosferatu. Nosferatu is a very loose adaption of Bram Stoker’s Dracula directed by the silent film great F.W. Murnau.

I first saw this film in the third grade, thats right the third grade. It was Halloween and my teacher wanted to celebrate with a scary film. So we watched it on an 8mm projector with no music. I think she thought well it’s a silent movie, How scary could it be? DAMN SCARY!

This film feature the creepiest vampire ever filmed and then uses stark light and shadows to create a disturbing mood throughout. Most adults would think this film scary as a third grader it freaked me out. Really I had nightmares for weeks after-words.

However I never forgot this film and neither will you. Its easy to find a copy of the film its no longer copyrighted and…. oh there is a copy right here on this post.

So I highly recommend, and hope you enjoy.


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