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>How I learned to stop worrying and love Hulu……….and Netflix


Two Months ago I canceled cable. Why is probably obvious, the cost and the fact that although having over 100 channels there was still nothing to watch (ever).

However, today that does not mean the end of televison viewing. There are several internet options available.

One of the best options is Hulu is a free internet site which allows to you watch network television shows. Right now Hulu has shows from NBC, ABC, FOX, FX & A&E as well as many classic television shows.

Typically Hulu will post new episodes of shows from these networks a couple of days after they air and keeping them accessible for about three weeks with about five available at any one time.

The drawback to this system is commercials. Yes commercials at the typical break. Typically one 30 to 60 second spot per break, compare this the numerous commercial filling the breaktime on aired television is about ten minutes.

Most recently Hulu has also provided a desktop program allowing access to the site through a software interface rather than a browser. This program is also available for Linux as well as Windows and Mac.

Other services is subscriptions which will send you emails when new episodes of your favorite shows are posted.

Oh did I mention its free ? (maybe I did).

My second best online televison option is Netflix “Watch Me Now”

The Watch Me Now feature is available to anyone who has a Netflix account. Netflix is a great rental site for Dvds…..but they also have available the Watch Me Now feature which alows you to watch alot of content through a web browser. There are many movies and televisions shows available. The accessibility of this system is easy to use and navigate. One down side is the cost, you have to have at least a basic subscription at $9.99, another is that it cannot be used on a Linux computer Windows & Mac only.

A third system is CBS online, although they have many episodes available the site is horrible to navigate through….

In addition is which is an online site which allows to access a very limited number of movies through your browser.

With all of these options available it makes getting rid of Cable really easy.


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