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>A message of Change, Hope, the Future

>With six days till the election, Obama aired this program on seven stations this evening. Its nearly one half hour in length and there is not one negative comment about John McCain. That a message for the future not a smear.

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>The Current Campaign Ads

>Its about nine days left till the election and these are the current ads the Candidates have up. One speaks about how problems will be solved and other points fingers at the other guy. Which person do you want in the White House?

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>Politics and the Internet

>As the name of the Blog states I am the Biggest Geek, generally this refers to your typical geeky pursuits comics, movies television. However it also means and includes politics, I am a politically junkie! I love this country and am proud to be an American and as such I fully believe in my right to “freedom of speech”. At this point in time there is less than two weeks to the upcoming election and I feel compelled to add my voice to the crowed of collective lunatics and nut balls.

First off an important observation. In previous elections there were many points of misinformation spoon fed to the American populous. This being from exaggerations to out right lies about opponents and pundits. But with the growth of the Internet and the technology behind it, we are at a point in history where speeches past and present are readily available for reviewing by all! This means lies and contradictions are easily exposed and harder to keep.

As is noted in the networks and national papers, Senator McCain is far behind in many of the polls across the nation. I believe that this is due on the greater part that McCain has been running a negative campaign against Senator Obama, and that many of the accusations alleged in his attacks cannot hold up, through just the simplest “Google” of the facts in questions. A person can easily review any misstatements or outright lies from Candidates easily and with repeated frequency. At this point the American people have the ability to fact check for themselves and many do. This has not served Senator McCain well at all. Also there are many bipartisan websites that keep a history of a candidate’s voting record which now exposes them to their real agendas.

In todays world the candidate’s must remain true to there convictions and their record and stop the lies and deceptions to the American people, because now more than ever it’s gonna come back and bite them in the ass!

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