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19 Nov

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Well its been quite a while since I last posted. There are many reasons for the long delay. First off and had about two and one half weeks of Appraisal classes, in preparation of getting my Idaho State appraisal license. Then after there was the move, we move down the street to a new place, and with th combination of the selling, the packing and the hauling it took a while to finish up everything. Lastly the server at the office (which was also my client machine) died and had to be replaced. We replaced the machine and using it solely as a server machine and utilized the home computer as a new client machine at the office. Which meant we needed a new home machine. This time around I decided to try my hand at linux. It is not go smoothly. Tried to do an array system which we never got working so, just using the hard drives as individual drives. However, finally got everything up and running. I expect to do a few posts the week and also to do the game night post regularly again.

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