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>Game Day August 12, 2007


Marcus once again called and asked if I wanted to play a game on Sunday. So him, Michelle and Brian showed up for an evening of games.

The first game was Hoity Toity. This is a game that Michelle won at Icon, the Idaho Board Gaming Convention. This was the first play for all of us. I read the rules and watched a instructional video on Board Games with Scott just prior to playing our first game. It was fun, all the players make their moves simultaneously, playing cards which give them an action, which interact with the other players actions, all to move their pawns across the board to come in first. We enjoyed the game, but realized. that it would be even better if we played the game with a full six players. Brian won this game.

The Second game for the night was RA, which is an auction game, in which players bid on sets of tiles drawn from a common bag, in order to collect tiles of high values to them. I really love this game, the first few plays are vary bland, until you discover the rhythm of the game.  I think we always have a good time with this one. And Michelle, won this game by a big landslide.

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>Game Night August 9, 2007


In attendance were Brian, Thomas, Anna, Alan, Scott, Whitnie, Marcus, Michael, Andrew, and Myself. Oh and the other Brian showed up for a little while.

Thomas, Anna, Alan and Brian showed up on time and all the others were running very late, so I decided that we would start without them. So I picked Zooloretto. I explained the rules, but everyone seemed to be having difficulty figuring out the money aspect and the snack bar part of the game. I think this is due to the familiarity with Coloretto which is very similar. By mid game I think everyone got and was enjoying themselves. Alan won that game by a large margin.


By the time we had gotten into the game, everyone else showed up almost at the same time. Marcus picked the game they would play which was Shadows over Camelot. This is a Co-operative game in which everyone plays against the game mechanic in trying to complete several different quest to obtain a set number of swords(white) and if you fail you receive bad swords (black). Now there are many Co-op games out there but this tend to be one of the best , since one play could be a traitor and working against the rest. Strangely Marcus decided not to utilize this portion of the game. Scott and (the other) Brian did not make through the game and left early, the other seemed to be enjoying it, for just the fact that they had invested so much time they wanted to defeat the game. Which they did.


While the other played Shadows…. we were able to get in another game, although Alan had to leave. So Thomas, Brian, Anna and I played Thurn and Taxi. This was the first time for Anna, who seemed a little cool on it, although she won. I always enjoy this game.

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>Game Day August 5, 2007


Marcus Called and asked about getting together and playing games. So Scott, Marcus, Michelle and Myself got together and for a Sunday afternoon of gaming.

The first game was Ticket to Ride:Marklin  This was the first game for the rest and the third play for me, and also my third win(I love this game!).

Also We had dinner together as we played which was Homemade Turkey Chille and Quesadillas!

The second game for the night was Zooloretto, I had not played this game since I won it at The Gathering of Strangers. Its a fun tile collecting game very similar to Coloretto but with animals. Michelle won this game.

After Scott took off, Marcus and Michelle stayed to watch Gene Simmons Family Jewels and I went into the office to type some files, but it was much easier to go in since I had got some gaming in.

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>Game Night August 2, 2007


In attendance were Alan, Scott, Matt, Anna, John, Marcus, Thomas, Brian and Myself.

It was a really were night, most of the Physic Students had just finished a conference and the University and were really wiped out. Three times it was requested by different people that they wanted to play “something easy”.

Well I decided to play Betrayal at House on the Hill. Playing this game were Alan, Anna, Matt, Scott, John and Myself. Although everyone seemed pretty fried, we got through it and I think everyone still seem to enjoy the game. In this game John turned out to be the traitor and the rest of us were able to defeat him and win the game.

Marcus, Thomas and Brian played Ingenious and then Coloretto, I’m not sure who won each game.

After we had finished Betrayal, most people packed it in early (they were all really tried and just wanted to turn off), but Alan, Scott, Matt and I finished the evening with a game of Coloretto, which Alan won.

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