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Okay, okay I know I usually blog on very trivial stuff, game night, comics, dvds and so forth. However I felt compelled to at the very least to say a few words about Michael Moore’s new film Sicko. I know Moore is a controversial figure and there is are two definite camps “Love him” and “Hate him” and never shall the twain meet, but this issue is so important and goes beyond politics that I believe we all can agree, our health care system presently DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!!

In this film, Moore really takes a back seat, and has the least amount of on camera time as in any of his previous films. Although many might think that this is a film about the millions of people who lack health care (and there are) it really about the ones that do, but that it does little for them.

We all at some time have been sick enough that we considered going to the Doctor or the hospital. We consider it and weigh all the factors (my co-pay, if I need referral, do I have to call my HMO first). This is a sad commentary that going to the doctor has to be a consideration, and we have to think about it at all.

What is even sadder is that in the film, Moore visits other countries to examine their Health care system, such as Canada, Britain, France and Cuba. In all cases their system appeared to be superior to ours in the fact that there was no cost to the individual for any visits or procedures. This is horrendous considering that we supposedly live in the greatest country in the world and Cuba has a superior health care system.

I will admit that Mr. Moore did not outline the cost in taxes and/or freedoms, but come on, we can’t have better health care than Cuba!

Now I know there are many of you out there going, either love this country or leave and go live in one of those other countries (pinko). I just want to note, I do love this country, but I’m saddened by what its becoming and that we lose sight of the most important aspect, the people. I feel that the Governments, Corporations and such always put the all mighty dollar before anything else, and of course Businesses are in the business of making money (I understand that, I’m not an idiot), but when these same corporation are recording profits in the billions and CEOs are getting bonuses in the millions, is it right that someone in a hospital bed right now this minute this very moment can’t get $5.00 worth of medication because their insurance company won’t pay for it.

So please, please just see this film.

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