>Game Night July 5, 2007

09 Jul



First off Happy Birthday United States of America, secondly Happy Birthday Megan!

In attendance on game night that evening were Anna, Brian, Megan, Whitnie, Matthew, Katie, Scott and Myself. Also Anna brought her friend Abby from Boston with her this evening.

Katie, Megan, Brian and Myself played Thurn and Taxis, a game about establishing Postal routes in Germany. We were all familiar with the game expect Megan, who it was her first time playing. Like always its always a close game as far as scoring goes, however Katie came out on top and took the win.

Anna, Abby, Whitnie and Matthew played El Grande. El Grande is an area control game with an auction mechanic built in as well with three scoring stages. This game went on fairly long as we were done with our game long before their finish. I got to watch the end game, which was a tough finish between Anna and Whitnie, but Whitnie was able to utilize her last card very well giving her the ability to score the Castillo all on her own, pulling her out way in front to come in for the win.

After the during the end game and after I was able to have a nice conversation with Abby, who like I noted is currently from Boston (Newton actually just outside the city). It was nice to talk to some from the back east who knew all the places I knew.

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