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>Game Night July 26, 2007


In attendance were Brian, Megan, Anna, Michael, Andrew, Ken, Marcus, Alan, John, Thomas and Myself.

We broke into two groups.

Brian, Andrew, Thomas, Alan and Marcus played a game of Hacienda, which ran about an hour and one half with Thomas winning, well not just winning but just destroying everybody else in the game.

Michael, Ken, John and myself played Ticket to Ride: Marklin Edition. Again this is a fantastic light game with a little bit of Euro feel to it. Michael, was not enjoying himself totally since he appeared to be having terrible card draws. The game was very close between John and I at the end, and I ended up pulling way ahead due to the number of destination cards I completed.

Megan and Anna did not play a game, they both were knitting.

I want to thank everyone for coming and hope you had a great time and I’ll see you next week .

Oh and Josh was not able to attend due to the recent birth of this fourth child Lillian Wheeler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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>Game Day July 22, 2007


Earlier in the week due to the amount of work that I had facing me, I had to cancel Game Night. However, Alan was good enough to step up to the plate and host it himself. I was not able to attend but was told it was a very good turn out and games played were Puerto Rico and Settlers of Catan.

Brian called me Sunday and asked if I would be interested in playing games and that he would make a couple of calls to see who else would be also. So in attendance on Sunday for games were Alan, Brian, Whitnie and myself. Also Brian brought a pizza from Papa Murphy’s along with him (thank you very much Brian).

The first game we played was Ticket to Rid: Marklin Edition, This the third version of the classic Ticket to Ride series. Game play is similar to Ticket to Ride standard version but the differences are two destination stacks, long routes and short routes and also the addition of passengers, who travel across established player tracks to collect point markers. It was a pretty tight game, but I won due to the number of destination cards I completed.

After Alan and Whitnie left for the evening, and Brian and I played a two player game of Hacienda. This is an area control and building game in which each players are establishing land tracks and then building livestock herds off them to collect money and score points. It was a very nice two player game, but I could definitly see the potential for really close and confrontational games with three for four players. At the end of the game, when we totaled points I came out front due to my last minute building of the water.

It was a nice game day and everyone enjoyed themselves and I’m looking forward to our regular game night this Thursday.

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>Game Night July 12, 2007


In attendance were Alan (after a long absence vacationing in Spain), Whitnie, Scott, Matthew, Brian, Megan, John, Thomas and Myself.

I made brownies for everyone for snacks(mmmmmmm…..)

Brian, Alan, Scott, Thomas and Matthew played Railroad Tycoon which Brian was really looking forward to since last week. However Alan was the one to come out on top.

Whitnie, John and Megan and myself played Barbie Queen of the Prom Game. Megan had brought the game and Whitnie insisted that I play. So in order to get a forth I bribed John with a promise to play battlelore when it was finished. It actually turned out to be fun (sometimes its not the game its the people who play with). Megan won that game (making her extremely happy since it was her game).

After that game John and I sat down for a game of Battlelore which is a really great simple two player wargame. I own Memoir ’44 and Command and Colors Ancients and I think I like this game most of all. John won the game but we both had a really great time.

All in all it was another great game night and I can’t wait to see everyone next week.

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>Create an Avatar at the Simpson’s Movie Site


Over at the Simpson’s Movie web site they have an online tool for creating a Simpson’s like character for yourself. All you have to do is register and not only can you make characters of yourself but also friends and family. Lots of fun, try it out.

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Okay, okay I know I usually blog on very trivial stuff, game night, comics, dvds and so forth. However I felt compelled to at the very least to say a few words about Michael Moore’s new film Sicko. I know Moore is a controversial figure and there is are two definite camps “Love him” and “Hate him” and never shall the twain meet, but this issue is so important and goes beyond politics that I believe we all can agree, our health care system presently DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!!

In this film, Moore really takes a back seat, and has the least amount of on camera time as in any of his previous films. Although many might think that this is a film about the millions of people who lack health care (and there are) it really about the ones that do, but that it does little for them.

We all at some time have been sick enough that we considered going to the Doctor or the hospital. We consider it and weigh all the factors (my co-pay, if I need referral, do I have to call my HMO first). This is a sad commentary that going to the doctor has to be a consideration, and we have to think about it at all.

What is even sadder is that in the film, Moore visits other countries to examine their Health care system, such as Canada, Britain, France and Cuba. In all cases their system appeared to be superior to ours in the fact that there was no cost to the individual for any visits or procedures. This is horrendous considering that we supposedly live in the greatest country in the world and Cuba has a superior health care system.

I will admit that Mr. Moore did not outline the cost in taxes and/or freedoms, but come on, we can’t have better health care than Cuba!

Now I know there are many of you out there going, either love this country or leave and go live in one of those other countries (pinko). I just want to note, I do love this country, but I’m saddened by what its becoming and that we lose sight of the most important aspect, the people. I feel that the Governments, Corporations and such always put the all mighty dollar before anything else, and of course Businesses are in the business of making money (I understand that, I’m not an idiot), but when these same corporation are recording profits in the billions and CEOs are getting bonuses in the millions, is it right that someone in a hospital bed right now this minute this very moment can’t get $5.00 worth of medication because their insurance company won’t pay for it.

So please, please just see this film.

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>Game Night July 5, 2007



First off Happy Birthday United States of America, secondly Happy Birthday Megan!

In attendance on game night that evening were Anna, Brian, Megan, Whitnie, Matthew, Katie, Scott and Myself. Also Anna brought her friend Abby from Boston with her this evening.

Katie, Megan, Brian and Myself played Thurn and Taxis, a game about establishing Postal routes in Germany. We were all familiar with the game expect Megan, who it was her first time playing. Like always its always a close game as far as scoring goes, however Katie came out on top and took the win.

Anna, Abby, Whitnie and Matthew played El Grande. El Grande is an area control game with an auction mechanic built in as well with three scoring stages. This game went on fairly long as we were done with our game long before their finish. I got to watch the end game, which was a tough finish between Anna and Whitnie, but Whitnie was able to utilize her last card very well giving her the ability to score the Castillo all on her own, pulling her out way in front to come in for the win.

After the during the end game and after I was able to have a nice conversation with Abby, who like I noted is currently from Boston (Newton actually just outside the city). It was nice to talk to some from the back east who knew all the places I knew.

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>Gathering of Strangers June 30, 2007


This weekend I attend the Gathering of Strangers board game convention in Salt Lake City at the University of Utah.

Brian, Whitnie, Marcus and Myself drove down from Pocatello early Saturday morning, its about an two and one half hour drive.

When we arrived in the city we decided to have lunch first, and Brian made us drive around for about a half an hour looking for an Indian place that he was sure of where it was located. After not finding it we Brian suggested the Lemon Grass, A Thai place, of course we we got there we found out that they do not serve lunch on Saturday. Luckily Trang Restaurant is located right next door.

Trang Restaurant is a an Asian place that I usually try to stop at every time I’m in Salt Lake, The food is excellent with a very diverse menu and the best dumplings I have ever had in my life.

Lunch was about an hour so we did not get to the convention till 1:oo pm. The first game we played was Inkognito, older deduction game, Whitnie and Marcus won that game.

After I was asked by David to play Succession: Intrigue in the Royal Court, a small negotiation bluffing game, which I did not really care for, it was extremely light, but we were only playing with three, and I think it would be better with a full five players.

Next David asked me to play Plunder, a small Pirate card game, which I like much more than the previous game, although it was light, I felt that if I had more experience with the game and there was at least one additional player this would be a lot of fun, don’t get me wrong I did have fun, but with more players it would be a blast.

While David and I played Plunder they had the raffle, Marcus, Brian, David and I all won prizes. I won a copy of Zooloretto.

Funny enough, the next game I played was my spanking new copy of Zooloretto. I played this game with Robert, Tammy and Jordan. Nice little game from the creators of Coloretto. It was quick and fun and a really nice prize. Oh and Jordan won the game.

While I was playing these games Brian, Whitnie, Marcus and one other person played Thurn and Taxis. I don’t know who won that game.

After that they played a game of Power Grid, which Marcus won.

After that Marcus said he was hungry though we were planning on playing a game of Mall of Horror with Josh from our game group who was also there.

Josh and Eric were in the middle of a game of Twilight Struggle and probably had another hour to go, so we decided we would get pizza and bring it back. I asked Tim from Game Night Games for a local pizza place and he suggested The Pie.

We got over there ordered a 16″ ultimate veggie and a 23″ pepperoni, The 23″ was huge, I mean gigantic we couldn’t even fit in the back seat of Marcus’ car. I mean it was massive (no really it was big).

Got back to the convention just as Josh and Eric were finishing their game and chowed down on some Pizza and started a game of Mall of Horror.

Playing the game was Josh, Brian, Eric, Marcus, Jordan, Myself and Whitnie, this is a Voting Negotiation game about survival from a zombie invasion. A kind of last man standing type of game, much like Lifeboats. During the game they made the announcement that the convention was shutting down shortly, but we were able to finish with Brian and Myself tying for the win.

All in all, Gathering of Strangers is a great con, and I know I’ll be attending again next year.

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