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>Mountain Dew’s New Ad, I’m left speechless!


I just saw this today, and I was stuck between laughing out loud and stunned silence.

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>Game Night June 22, 2007


In attendance this evening were Anna, Whitnie, Scott, Thomas, John, Brian, Megan, Josh, Marcus and after a long absence Matthew.

Off the bat, Thomas asked what game I would really like to play, and I decided on Die Macher, and then asked who did not have to get up early and could stay for a long one. Josh, John and Thomas said they could stay late and we would play that.

Scott and Matthew played a game of Battlelore. Scott won that game hands down.

Anna, Whitnie, Brian and Megan played Coloretto,then a game of Cluzzle and finally Marcus joined in Megan dropped out for a game of Betrayal of House on the Hill.

I don’t know who won the first two games, however Anna became the traitor and won the game against the other.

In all this time, our group was playing our one game of Die Macher which lasted until 12:00 am, with Josh coming out victorious.

I hope everyone had a good time and hope to see you again next week.

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>Game Night, May 14, 2007

>It has been awhile since the previous game night, I’ve been away on vacation and last week was a busy work week.

In attendance that evening was Anna, Whitnie, Brian, John, Michael, Andrew, Thomas, myself and this time Karen joined in.

John, Thomas, Michael, Andrew and Myself played Puerto Rico , this was the first time for most except for Michael, who had two games under his belt and of course me. It ran long approximately two and one half hours. However, everyone really seemed to enjoy it especially Michael who won the game.

Anna, Brian, Whitnie and Karen played Pinochle this was the first time for Karen, however the other are all Pinochle veterans. That game took just about as long as the Puerto Rico, and Anna and Karen Won, the score being 1,780 to -10.

I hope everyone had a good time and hope to see you next week.

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>Icon, Idaho Convention for Boardgamers May 19, 2007


In May I attended and ran a few games at the Icon convention. This is a Board gaming convention held in eastern Idaho in the city of Idaho Falls. So far this event has been semi annually and is run by Josh Wheeler a gaming enthusiast and friend of mine.

The conventions features mostly open gaming, featuring many types of games, Euro games, classic board games and some Wargames. There are also a couple of tournaments,and lots and lots of door prizes.

The convention typically runs from 9:00am and until midnight.

Like I stated, I demoed a few games, ElGrande, Battlelore, Twilight Struggle, Cluzzle and Wits and Wagers.

Conventions Like these are a great way of meeting other board gamers in the area and although this one is in its infancy, its a great little Con!!!!!

I highly recommending attending and will post the next date here!!!!

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>Robot Chicken Star Wars


You can’t beat this combination, of Robot Chicken (one of the funniest shows on TV) and Star Wars. You can watch the whole thing on the Cartoon Network website.

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>Abbott and Costello "Whos on First"


This is one of the greatest comedy routines ever, and one of the best performances of the routine taken from the film The Naughty Nineties.

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>Batman the Animated Series

I recently purchased the Dvds of the complete Batman the Animated Series. This series first aired in 1992 after the release of the Batman Returns feature film. This series featured the animated adventures of DC comics Dark Knight, produced by Bruce Timm and Eric Radomski. This “cartoon” took a serious approach to the Batman mythos, showing a grim Batman set in a very dark Gotham City. From the start with the first episode “On Leather Wings”, Batman fans knew that this was the Batman we had been waiting for, there was no camp, no mugging for the camera, and grown up tales of a Batman we had seen only before in some of the best Comics of the series.

It is certainly evidenced that the creators were Batman fans based on the detail given all the characters of the series. It’s widely known that Batman has the best rouges gallery of any hero and it shows in all its glory within the series.

One of the best features of the series in the voice acting, no longer did a company use the stock performers we all grew up with from the Hanna Barbara stable, no this time real actors took on the roles giving it their all. For example Mark Hamill, brings the Joker to manically life throughout the entire series, so much so that when ever you see the Joker all you can here is Hamill’s distinct laugh for the character.

Also the series features some of the best writing for these characters ever produced with many of the best episodes being written by Paul Dini. Dini not only utilize all the elements of what made all the characters great, but in many cases reinvented them and gave them more depth, for example Mr. Freeze in the first season episode “Heart of Ice”.

Also the look of the series was very distinct, given a very dark look, with very detailed lighting effects and a style which can easily be traced back to the old Max Fleischer Superman cartoons of the 40s. The pictures in this series are dark, extremely dark and this fits the mood of the entire series and the characters. Again, much of what animation had looked like in the past thirty hears had been established by companies like Hana Barbara and Flimation, which utilized very limited background stills and reused the foreground art over and over again.

In my opinion the creators of the series had done the definitive Batman……The Batman that every fan knew and didn’t know, and wanted more of each week. I can’t recommend this series enough; it’s a treat for every Batman fan out there and possibly for any anime fan as well.

Also it is noted that Paul Dini, is currently writing Batman in Detective Comics and is introducing many of the animated elements into current Batman continuity, so check it out!

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