>Game Night, May 10, 2007

11 May

>Game Night had arrived again. In attendance were Marcus, Alan, Anna, Brian, Scott, Thomas, Michael, Andrew, Josh (and his little daughter), myself and after a long absence John.

The previous Monday had been had been Thomas’ birthday and so John had brought a cake for us all to share (thank you very much John), (and Happy Birthday Thomas).

Well last week Scott had requested a game of Marvel Heroes and earlier this week
Anna had emailed me that she wanted to play Fury of Dracula.

So we split into three groups, Scott, Thomas, John and myself playing Marvel Heroes. I had played this once before but this was the first time for all the others.

Anna, Brian, Alan, Michael and Andrew playing Fury of Dracula. Anna and Brain had played this previously but this was the first time for all the others.

Marcus, Josh and Josh’s daughter playing Cluzzle.

The game of Cluzzle is fairly short so that game finished much earlier than the other two, and I don’t know who won that game. After Josh had to get home to put his daughter to bed and Marcus left early also.

The Fury of Dracula ran long, till about 11:00 pm, from what I’m told it was coolly received which is a disappointment since usually we have a really good time with that one, Anna had played Dracula and the other players beat her (though she said near the end she was being reckless).

Our game of Marvel Heroes was the last to finish, at approximately 12:45 am (boy am I tired today), but we had a really great time. The first hour of the game was a little tense since it was taking a while for everyone to catch on, but finally when that did it was a blast. Scott won the game breaking a tie with John, after I had 5 points detected in my last turn. (really have to play this again!)

Oh and Alan had brought some Baklava (thanks Alan!!!)

I want to thank everyone for come to game night and I hope to see you next week!!!!!

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One response to “>Game Night, May 10, 2007

  1. Nonamnon

    May 14, 2007 at 2:58 pm

    >For the record, I am pretty sure that Marcus won both games of Cluzzle, despite the fact that his sculpture was guessed in the first round both times.My sculptures were always too hard to guess, and my daughter’s first sculpture was good, but the second was also too hard to guess.The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, I guess.She was just happy to learn to play the game.


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