>Game Night, April, 5 2007

05 Apr

>In attendance were Brian, Andrew(for the first time), Thomas, Alan, Micheal and myself.

I had picked up a copy of Lifeboats and was itching to play for the past month. Tonight was a rare night which a small number of people had attended and therefore I thought it a good opportunity to bring it out.

I explained the rules, its a simple negotiations games whereas you elect which boats spring a leak, then which player gets kicked off the boat and then which boat (out of seven) get advanced towards the island.

The rules state that the game can be played in 90 minutes (our game took 3 hours), but they were a very enjoyable 3 hours 🙂

All our negotiation went very long there was much arguing, pleading and convincing throughout the entire evening.

After all was said and done, I came out on top and won the game.

Everyone who played enjoyed themselves very much and all agreed that it would be one they would be very willing to play again.

I was very pleased that Andrew enjoyed himself so much since this was his first night with the group.

thanks again everyone see you next week.

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