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>Game Night, March 15, 2007

>In attendance was Anna, Marcus, Scott, Matthew, Alan, Brian and Ted and myself.

Anna, Matthew, Marcus and Myself played Order of the Stick adventure game. Anna won this game.

Alan, Brian, Scott and Ted played Railroad Tycoon, which Brian won!

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>Game Night, March 8, 2007

>In attendance was Alan, Scott, Brian and Myself.

The first game for the evening was Tigris & Euphrates I have not played this in a long while and it was Alan, Scott and Brian’s first time. Brian won this game with Scott coming in second.

The second game was Coloretto, which Alan won.

Thanks everyone who game and I hoped you enjoyed the evening.

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>Game Night, March 1, 2007


Starting with this Game Night, we decided to no longer serve dinner.

Game Night started in October of 2005 with a small group and dinner was provided as an incentive to grow the group, and the group has grown.

I believe that we have a nice size group which consists of people who love to get together each week with others to have fun, interact and play games. I’m sad to see the dinner portion of the evening end since it kicked everything off and gave everyone a chance to catch up and connect, before possibly spliting up into separate games for the evening.

I wil be very sorry if this change causes some people not to attend, however I am confidence that it will not and I do believe though that game night will continue and grow and evolve. soooo……

People in attendance were Marcus, Alan, Brian, Matthew, Thomas, John and Myself.

Alan, Marcus and Brian played a game of Settlers of Catan, which Alan won, then after they played a game of Traders of Genoa, which I believe Brian won.

Matthew, John, Thomas and myself played Fury of Dracula, with me being Dracula. This game lasted a few hours and ended with the hunters winning.

I want to thank everyone who attended and hope that they had a great time.

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