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>Game Night, December 28, 2006

>Marcus, Anna, Ted, Trina, Brian, Michelle, Whitney, Megan and Myself attended game night this week.

We started the evening off with dinner which consisted of lentil soup and panini sandwiches for dinner.

We split into two groups, Anna, Megan, Whitney and Myself played the Barbie Queen of the Prom Game(yes, I played the Barbie game). Megan won this game.

While we played that game, Marcus, Brian, Ted and Trina played Tsuro, I do not know who won. They had time to play a game of Bonnanza, with Michelle joining in, again I don’t know who won that game.

Lastly we all played three games of Werewolf.

I just want to thank everyone for attending and I hope you had a great time.

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