>The Devil’s Rejects

14 Sep

>I Just watched this film last evening and WOW! Although this is a sequel to Rob Zombie’s first film House of a 1000 Corpses, this film really stands up all by itself. In everyway that 1000 Corpses was cliché this film is original, and although it was billed as a horror film by many, it transcends that genre to become something more.

Back again are the evil family of killers known as The Devil’s Rejects. And although they were pretty much 70s horror movie caricatures in the first film, in this film they are characters. Rob Zombie brings them to life, gives them personality and very unexpectedly makes you care about these killer misfits.

Also in this film Rob Zombies is trying to say something about horror and fear. In this film the horror can be found in unexpected places and unexpected people.

The film has a very 70s look about it, not just in the set pieces but the cinematography also, as well as a really cool soundtrack which is utilized perfectly throughout the film.

Yes this is a horror film, as evidenced by the gore and the brutal torture and killings, which take place with painful glee through the film. However if you can look past that and see the real meat of the story, you will find one excellent film.

I can honestly recommend this film to any fan of Horror, but more surprisingly I can recommend it to anyone who just wants to watch a good movie.


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6 responses to “>The Devil’s Rejects

  1. bobensero

    September 15, 2005 at 11:28 am

    >the movie sucked.

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