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>Harry Potter and the Half Blood- Prince

I just just finished the sixth book in the Harry Potter series and what can I say, Now I’m waiting in great anticipation for the seventh. What I really love about these books is the sense of mystery. Every chapter gives just a little clue or hint of the big picture, which forces you to keep reading. If you liked the previous books, well this one is right up your alley. If you didn’t like the other books, nothing I say here is going to change your mind. Although there are still many people out there wondering what all the fuss is about , for a childrens book. Arrgh………………..and these are the same people who will never , ever give them a chance.

Please read and enjoy:)

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>Shadows over Camelot

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This is a recent boardgame from Days of Wonder.

This is a cooperative game in which all the players team togethor and play against the mechanics of the game. Every player is one of the Knights of the famed round table and there are several on-going quests in which you work as a team or solo to win, such as quest for the Holy Grail, search for excalibur, quest for Lancelot Armor, fighting the Black Knight and so on. The game is really tough and everyone has difficult choices. One really fun aspect is that one of the players could be a traitor, secretly working against the rest of the players. This a really fun game, with beautiful components and boards.

Very good game, I give it a high recommendation.

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