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>Revenge of the Sith

>Thank God!,

Finally a good Star Wars movie again. I went to see Revenge of the Sith last night (along with everyone else on the planet) and it was very good. Its probably the third best film in the entire series (I never liked ewoks).

The film is the darkest out of the entire series and pays off big time for all the plot lines which have been built up in the two previous films.

Everything in this film was much improved over the last two, Acting, Story Line Common Sense 🙂

The mark of a good film is if you can recommend it to your friends without adding the words……….but

Revenge of the Sith is the first big summer movie and it really pays off……….I highly recommend this film without any hesitation. If you were greatly disappointed in the last two films, please just forget them and go see this one.

Hope you noticed I didn’t give any plot lines away:)

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>Darth Vader and the King

Burger King must know how disturbing this character is, just by the way they seem to utilize him. In this recent commercial, not a word is said between the two, just alot of heavy breathing.
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